commendations & references

commendations & references

If texts are our gateways to the world, perhaps references can pave the way for us to collaborate? Here I present some of the projects I am particularly proud of:

Nature, environmental, climate and species conservation

I regularly produce English translations for the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), covering the entire repertoire of their international press and public relations work: flyers, brochures and fact sheets, press releases, circulars, newsletters and specialist articles.

»Many thanks for the professional and speedy translation and for being so uncomplicated and pleasant to deal with. I have already recommended you to others and look forward to working with you again!«
Kristina Richter, NABU expert on EU nature conservation policy

»Collaborating with you was wonderfully uncomplicated and professional. Even the specialist, technical content did not pose a problem and the coordination was smooth. We look forward to working with you again sometime.«
Katharina Istel, NABU officer for sustainable consumption

Literature, culture, history, film and their associated theories

Translating and copy-editing academic papers and presentations are challenges I particularly enjoy – they demand a kind of creative fidelity, a close allegiance to the text that has to be both respected and transcended.

»Many thanks for the great translation! Besides your fine ear for language, I am very grateful for your reliability and thorough research in advance. P.S. After my presentation, I was complimented on the linguistic elegance of the English text.«
Dr Maha El Hissy, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich)

Film producer Mickey Nedimovic’s short film Dva was on the Oscars shortlist for Best Live-Action Short Film in 2014. I translated both the treatment and the screenplay for his latest project.

»Lyam […] works meticulously and accurately. He produced an authentic translation of the dialogue and emotions in my screenplay – my readers in Britain and the USA were delighted!«