the things that matter to me

the things that matter to me

Translating is caring for communication. I believe that we are allowed to take a firm stance in our dealings with the world, and I have strong convictions that guide me. I enjoy combining my professional and social responsibilities by supporting only those projects that make a social or intellectual difference. My primary concern is appreciation for the people involved and their ideas. You can therefore rest assured that I will not only bring openness and transparency to my work on your texts, but that I will think proactively about your project and take a keen interest in it.

Because of my personal convictions, I am also keen to make my office as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible:

  • I buy my office supplies either second-hand or from companies with sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • I support the renewable energy revolution and obtain my electricity from BürgerEnergie Berlin, a local energy cooperative. My gas supplier is NaturStrom. My website host has green credentials.
  • Fair finance is important to me, which is why my business and personal accounts are with EthikBank.
  • Nearly all the software I use is open source and I donate a part of my income to support its further development. My PC and laptop are refurbished devices that come from specialist second-hand outlets. My smartphone is a Shiftphone.
  • I take digital data protection seriously. I don’t touch iCloud or Dropbox and use my own cloud server instead.

Being involved outside of work is also important to me. Among other things, I am a member of ProAsyl, an association that provides assistance to refugees, and LobbyControl.

I believe we need to take urgent action to curb climate change. which is why I have signed the #EntrepreneursForFuture statement.